A checklist is a set of the consolidated recurring task(s) which needs to be fulfilled or completed by the departments. A checklist can contain multiple form fields like single select, date, image upload, text, number, signature, and more.

Checklist Input Types:

  • Multiple Select: If the input of the checklist can be more than one response then multiple selections can be used. For more field, we can keep adding values.
  • Date: For responses where the date should be given as input.
  • Date and time: If the input field should be date and time both.
  • Image Upload: So image upload can be selected where pictures/photo attachments can be taken as input.
  • Number: Input type also can be number type so this option can be selected for such cases.
  • Single Select: When a user needs to answer one response out of some fixed fields. This option can be useful for those scenarios. Examples could be Yes/No, Safe/Not Safe, etc.
  • Dropdown: Users can also be shown a dropdown of the list to select a response from.
  • Signature Fields: Checklist gives you freedom for asking signatures using their phones.
  • Short Text: There are scenarios when you want comments from the user end. Short text type can serve the purpose well.
  • Long Text: Users can also be asked to put a report of incidents. So this long text can serve the purpose.
  • Meter Reading: You can also create a meter reading checklists that show previous reading and consumption.
  • Star Rating/Feedback System: For feedback, there is a star rating system. After submission, it flashes a thank you message and the checklist reopens.
  • Scan Code: User can also scan QR/Barcodes as input.
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