• Hover over Setup
  • Click on the Users option
  • Click on the Add User button
  • Enter the First Name
  • Enter the Last Name
  • Enter Username
  • Enter Email Address (Used For Login & Notifications)
  • Enter password
  • Enter 4-Digit Numerical PIN (Used For Login)
  • Enter Phone Number (Used For Login & Notifications)
  • Enable Assign this user as Super Admin (if you want to make a particular user as a Super Admin)
  • Click on the Submit button to add the user
  • Check the newly added user in the user page by selecting the site or clicking on "All Users"
  • The user can be edited by clicking on the edit icon

Sites can be assigned to users with respective roles you want to add. You can also assign multiple departments to them. You can also assign different user roles and user tags to them.

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